Who am I?



Hey Guys ;)


Just if you're interested whatever is mbXtreme :)
Name: Mario Bugelnig
Age: 23 (18.10.1989)
Country: Austria | Carinthia
So what does mbXtreme mean? mbXtreme simply contains my name (mb) followed by Xtreme... amazing, isn't it? Well so what am i doing all the time? *fap fap* ofcourse!... not ;)
I love to play games and also like to animate/edit videos, pictures or whatever fits my computer.
Basically it's a hobby, i still try to make it as professional as possible.
I just finished my Webdesign/Graficdesign Eduction (took me 4 Years) and at the moment i'm a Security Officer for a well known Company in Austria.
That's it for now... maybe i'll add some stuff later but at the moment i'm just trying to finish the website.


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